jonas2010Jonas Lohse (Doublebass)

With Jonas Lohse on double-bass we have found a good bassplayer that fits pefectly into our music of "Coeur du Bois" with his playingstyle.

Jonas learns to play the guitar as a child at first, claissical guitar; later on als Trombone, to complete the family brass-quartette. As his mother is a violin-teacher stringed instruments were mainly avoided in th ebeginning .... but later he starts to play Trombone a school-orchestras and bigbands.
jonas lohse 2015

First lessons on Jazzguitar and Improvisation with Jochen and Werner Pöhlert. Very soon he switches to double-bass.

As a double-bassplayer he wins first prices at "Jugend jazzt" and regional Talentshows. Nowadays he is also working as Freelance-bassplayer in the Frankfurt Jazzscene; Housebassplayer of the "Jazzkeller Jam-Sessions"; Bassplayer in Bands from Swing to Modern, Theaterproduktions.

Doublebass-Activist: Author of doublebass-Webportals and (monthly with couple of thousand visitors), dealer of string-instruments and creator of strings, Instruments and Accessoires. 

Always beeing cool and friendly his kind way of beeing and his inspiring playing on the bass have made him become an important backbone of our group that we dont want to miss.

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