Bandportrait - Coeur du Bois


angelo debarreThe name of our group „Coeur du Bois“ origins from a Song with the title "Coeur de Bois" (French f. "wooden heart") composed by the great Sinti-Guitarrist Angelo DeBarre (image left). But we decided that the name „Coeur du Bois“ (which means "the heart of the wood") would fit better for us, as we all do play on instruments made out of wood.

django We are excited by the sound and energy, the dynamic range and the elegant melodies of the worldfamous Sinti-Guitarrist Django Reinhardt (image right) and his Band the „Quintette du Hot Club de France“, as of the music of his anchestors and legacy, the Sinti and Roma.  This excitement has brought us together as a band.

We all have made our musical experiences on different ways coming to this music in the end, beeing influenced by all kinds of different musical styles. Today we play the „Jazz Manouche“ with this Inspiration, while we do focus on authentic playing as well as finding own arrangements to carry on this legacy but find our own voice in it the same.

„Coeur du Bois“ has been founded in 2007 by guitarrist Bertino Rodmann.
All musicians of the setups of „Coeur du Bois“ have collected long years of international musical experience. As very common business in the Jazz-Scene the band plays in different setups with changing musicians and guest-players.

Here you´ll find more Infos on some of the main musicians of Coeur du Bois:

Bertino Rodmann
Jonas Lohse
Matthias Hampel 05
Matthias Hampel

Furthermore some Infos on other participating Guestmusicians of Coeur du Bois.

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