New CD: Rêve de Samois - Bertino Rodmann

After many long years in his musical career in these variety of different styles of music that guitarist Bertino had discovered eversince (see his biography), in 2021 he decided to finally record and release an album with only all original compositions.
Over the years he had composed many tunes that were waiting to be released, so that he thought now would be the right time to make that step. Here you can watch the Studio-recordingsession:



For his support he was able to invite some great Jazzmusicians for these recordings: his good friends Fapy Lafertin on Solo-Guitar, Lulo Reinhardt Rhytm- and Solo-Guitar, Bobeye Reinhardt on double bass, Winfried Schuld on Piano and last not least Christoph König on violin. Additionally a former student of Bertino, Henry Eipl, added some more rhythm-guitars on some tunes.


Released in june 2022 "Réve de Samois" has become a great album with 10 original Songs of Bertino Rodmann. Containing some wonderful Jazz-Ballads, fast Swingtunes , 2 more modern songs as well as 2 waltzes.

Alen Markulin from the Majestix-Worx-Studios in Offenbach/M created the great sound, without whom the Album would havent been possible to make, why Bertino is absolutely thankful for him. But he also thanks all the other great musicians that helped to create and record a phantastic album.

buy now logo buy now buttonIf you are interested in buying this fine and versatile Jazz-Album, you may order the CD here for the price of 15.-€ (+ shipping).


New Hope for Musicians in 2022?

Slide29 Bertino 2019 02After two years of almost no chance of working music within the last 2 years of Pandemia while we had to try and survive somehow, meanwhile a little silverstream glismbe up at the horizon.

The financial help "Neustart Kultur" that has been advertised by gouvernment seems to arrive slowly. It seems that Clubs and Eventlocations again start to ask for live-music.

Now we could already sign in to some contracts for 2022. Lets hope that the rising numbers of infectins in autumn 21 dont destroy what seems to come up for now...

Keep fingers crossed! Hope to see ya all next yera at some venues.

Lulo Reinhardt & Bertino Rodmann Quartett - Live

Lulo BertinoLulo Reinhardt, german grand-nephew of the famous belgium Sinti-Guitarrist Django Reinhardt, meanwhile has become a famous name on german as on international music-scene, festivals and concert-stages.
His inimitable way of playing guitar, with a blend mix of 
Jazz-Manouche, Swing, Flamenco, Gypsymusic and many other styles more have made him famous.

Bertino Rodmann known musician thru his  group "Coeur du Bois" a the release of his guitar-methodbook "Gypsyjazz Guitar" is a versatile guitarrist that made his way thru completely different ways coming to play Jazzmanouche, Swing and Jazz.

Cooperations with known Jazz-Musicians

lulo_reinhardt_01Fapy4In the upcoming year 2016 there eventually will be some cooperations of "Coeur du Bois" with known Jazz-Manouche-Artists.

Guitarrist Bertino will be playing some concerts in autum 2016 together with his friend Lulo Reinhardt in the so called "Acoustic Lounge" concert-series.
More Infos on our News-pages soon.

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