New Band-Project: CdB invites Pramila C.

cdb invites pramilaThe actual Bandset of „Coeur du Bois“ again presents a new exciting Project, this time with the outstanding voice of the german/indian female Jazzsinger  Pramila Chenchanna.

Raised in Berlin/Germany, she studied Jazzvocals in Amsterdam to find and live her true love for the vocal-art of a Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone or Aretha Franklin about 10 years later in Frankfurt/Germany.

Founded in 2007 by Bandleader Bertino Rodmann the Bandproject „Coeur du Bois“ stands for high-classy, Guitar-oriented Jazz between Gypsyjazz á la Django Reinhardt and his heritage up to the modern sound of a Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass or Kenny Burell.
Swing, Jazz, Bossa, Jazz-Manouche - melodic and slow or wild and fast – all these are attributes of the group „Coeur du Bois“

Coeur du Bois & Special Guest ROBIN NOLAN

cdb invites robinnolan 2018 On October 20st 2018 the band invites a very(!) special guest to play with them in the location „Altes Hallenbad“ in Friedberg:

Robin Nolan (Git.) from netherlands is invited

The band „Coeur me Bois“ (french: „Heart of the wood“) was founded in 2003 by Bertino Rodmann, the Bandleader and Sologuitarrist.

This Band-Project is well known in the Rhein-Main area for always presenting a high-classy musical melange of Swing, Jazz, Bossa and Gypsy-Music.

All musicians are thrilled by the energy, the dynamic variety and elegant Melodies of the world-famous Sinti-Guitarrist Django Reinhardt and his group the „Quintette of the Hot Club of France“, as well as of his legacy, the Sinti and Romany musicians.
Jazz, Swing, Bossa nova and other music styles influence the sound of the band, with tunes from Django Reinhardt as well as original compositions in the style by Bertino, the bandleader thus stamping the sound of the group.

Robin Nolan well-known around the world for his books and workshops on the subject of Gypsyjazz-Guitar and by his appearances on many of the big Jazz-Festivals around the world, usually with his „Robin Nolan Trio“, but also with worldwide known Stars of the international (Gypsy-)Jazz-Scene.

Coeur du Bois lädt ein: Dario Napoli (IT) & Christoph König (D)

CdB invites DarioNapoli 2018 neuThis autumn will become hot!
The band "Coeur you Bois" has invited two absolute outstanding musicians for quite a special concert series: Jazz-guitarist Dario Napoli from Milano/Italy and the violinist Christoph König from Essen/Germany.

All fans of the cultivated Gypsy jazz in modern style may expect a special show of these four  top-class musicians:

The formation "Coeur you Bois", well known in the Rhein-Main-area, this time has invited two absolute special musicians - the Italian guitarist Dario Napoli and Christoph König on violin.

Exclusive Concert: CdB invites WawauAdler

cdb invites wawauadler 2017

On may 06st 2017 a very special concert takes place in the "Wasserburg" in 61191 Nieder-Rosbach, Haingraben 17.

To finish out the Guitar-Workshop "Modular Gypsyjazz Guitar" where Worldclassguitarrist Wawau Adler is invited to as well, these two musicians will give a public concert in the hall of the Wasserburg.

Coeur du Bois, the Bandproject of Bertino Rodman will create a very special evening, a night to remember together with Wawau Adler.

Josef Adler, born 1967 in Karlsruhe, is known as Wawau Adler in international Jazzcircles, started to play at age of  9. First concerts with 13 years. Until his 19th birthday Wawau Adler dedicated himself to Jazz Manouche or Gypsy-Swing, European Jazz created and developed by Django Reinhardt
Since then the Name Wawau Adler is known in international circles and stands for highquality played Jazz and Jazz-Manouche of highest Niveau.

Coeur du Bois invites Wawau Adler is a very special treat for every Fan of highclass Jazz and Jazz-Manouche.


Wawau Adler (Git)
Markus Allhenn (Bass)
Bertino Rodman (Git)

VVK, 15.-€ (Ticket-Reservations exklusively only here)
Doorprice 20.-€
Entry 19.30 p.m
Start 20.00 p.m

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