New guitars in my life (4)

After the great luck of buying a new SAGA Nylonstring-guitar Mod. Lulo Reinhardt (see News further down), i just had another opportunity to get into...

voigt logo farbeSometimes life is playing strange things and sometimes life is giving you fortune ... so is with many things in life as well as with the guitars that you meet a s a guitarrist in your life. 

Meeting the guitarmaker Matthias Voigt from Leipzig on the last Django Memorial Festival in Augsburg in Mai 14 i found my new dreamguitar!

Matthias Voigt, working since 1998 in Leipzig as a graduated master of guitarbuilding, is not only building beutiful instruments, but the mor ehas developed a real intense feeling for "the good sound", like noone else i know of in germany.

This Selmer-copy with Serial-No. #16 is an uncomparable Instrument of highest guitarcrafting: an optical dream-come-true in golden brown colours with goldplated Miller-tuners and Tailpiece, she has a warm and powerful tone with lots of bite and balanced bass.

Just a wonderful Instrument which i just "had to" buy. Take a look at yourself:

Matthias Voigt, built 2012, Ser.No: #16
  • Voigt_No.16_Best_of__06Voigt_No.16_Best_of__06
  • Voigt_No16_01_klVoigt_No16_01_kl
  • Voigt_No16_06_klVoigt_No16_06_kl

  • Voigt_No16_10_klVoigt_No16_10_kl
  • Voigt_No16_12_klVoigt_No16_12_kl
  • Voigt_No16_23_klVoigt_No16_23_kl

  • Voigt_No16_24_klVoigt_No16_24_kl

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