Bertino plays with Lulo + Mike Reinhardt on Musikmesse 2011

DSCN9044Guitarrist Bertino had the great honour to play a Jam-Session with Lulo and Mike Reinhardt on the Musikmesse 2011 in Frankfurt.

The guys met at Saturday the 09.04.2011 at the stand of SAGA, the well known produces of guitars and they decided to play a spontaneous Jam-Session at the stage of the SAGA-Stand. The audience was excited by the way of their playing. Here you may see some images of the Event:

  • DSCN9044DSCN9044
  • DSCN9045DSCN9045
  • DSCN9047DSCN9047

  • DSCN9051DSCN9051
  • DSCN9056DSCN9056
  • DSCN9060DSCN9060

  • DSCN9063DSCN9063
  • DSCN9064DSCN9064
  • DSCN9065DSCN9065

  • DSCN9065aDSCN9065a
  • DSCN9066DSCN9066
  • DSCN9067DSCN9067

  • DSCN9070DSCN9070
  • DSCN9071DSCN9071

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