Coeur du Bois lädt ein: Dario Napoli (IT) & Christoph König (D)

CdB invites DarioNapoli 2018 neuThis autumn will become hot!
The band "Coeur you Bois" has invited two absolute outstanding musicians for quite a special concert series: Jazz-guitarist Dario Napoli from Milano/Italy and the violinist Christoph König from Essen/Germany.

All fans of the cultivated Gypsy jazz in modern style may expect a special show of these four  top-class musicians:

The formation "Coeur you Bois", well known in the Rhein-Main-area, this time has invited two absolute special musicians - the Italian guitarist Dario Napoli and Christoph König on violin.

Dario Napoli, meanwhile known by his worldwide appearances with famous jazz-masters of the style like Paulus Schäfer, Stochelo Rosenberg, Stephen Wrembel and others more, is very much respected amongst many musicians and has meanwhile attained international standard by his great virtuosity and musicality.
Dario's sensitive playing varies between tradition and modern, between Grand-Master Django Reinhardt and Pat Matheney, Joe Pass or Wes Montgomery.

Christoph König on his part meanwhile also well known in the Rhein-Main-area by his cooperation with Lulo Reinhardt (Django Reinhardt´s german grand-nephew) in his "Latin a swing Project", which Christoph is part of.

Christoph König studied jazz and classical music at college among other things, also personally tought by the famous violinist Didier Lockwood (who died in 2017) in Paris.
His own formation "Uwaga! Quartet" mixes influences from classical music, jazz and modern tunes. Christoph König is an absolute virtuoso on the violin beyond compare! His soulful improvisations shows his big skills and his international experience.

Thore Benz, E-and double-bass player, composer and instrumental pedagogue, studied jazz and Popmusic in Frankfurt and works as a professional musician since 1998.

Thore developed his groove-orientierted playing from his passion for afro-american music and in cooperation with many musicians from Africa and South America. His own compositions are influenced by different music cultures which he got to know in the course of his development.
Musicians and recordings with such universal musicians as: Argile, Monty Waters (USA), Dudgie Gold (Jamaica), Tina Freita (Brazil), Abraham Pipo (Senegal), Barry Sangare (Mali), Meric Yurdatapan (Turkey), Manfred Häder, Antoni Gralak (Poland), P.C. Bryant (USA) show his endless musical searches!

Bertino Rodman, born into an artist family, plays the guitar since the age of 13. Bertino started to play in the early 1970s as a pure autodidact by "just listening and self-teaching" the music of the known guitarists of his youth, well known blues guitarists like B.B.King, Muddy Waters and others more. Later he learns and develops his style from rock / pop guitarists, musicians like Roy Buchanan, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Carlos Santana and many others more.

After many experiences with countless live bands as well as a studio musician (primarily rock and pop music) he first listens to a record from "Django Reinhardt et le Quintette du Hot Club de France" in the early 1980s.
From this day on the music of Django Reinhardt, the "Jazz-Manouche", became a very important subject of his life. Meanwhile Bertino himself is an experienced and well trained musician of this style.
In 2008 Bertino started his own Workshops/Masterclasses for Gypsyjazz-guitar and in 2011 published the guitar-methodbook with the title "Gypsyjazz Guitar - a Tribute to Gypsyjazz" at worldwide publishing with Alfred Music Publishing (Cologne), in German and English language (ISBN 978-3-933136-86-2).
And after many years of preliminary work and learning he meanwhile plays often alongside well known Gypsy-musician like Lulo Reinhardt, Jordan Weiss or Fapy Lafertin.

Christoph König (Viol.)
Dario Napoli (Ac. und el. Guitar)
Bertino Rodmann (Git.)
Thore Benz (Doublebass)

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