Coeur du Bois & Special Guest ROBIN NOLAN

cdb invites robinnolan 2018 On October 20st 2018 the band invites a very(!) special guest to play with them in the location „Altes Hallenbad“ in Friedberg:

Robin Nolan (Git.) from netherlands is invited

The band „Coeur me Bois“ (french: „Heart of the wood“) was founded in 2003 by Bertino Rodmann, the Bandleader and Sologuitarrist.

This Band-Project is well known in the Rhein-Main area for always presenting a high-classy musical melange of Swing, Jazz, Bossa and Gypsy-Music.

All musicians are thrilled by the energy, the dynamic variety and elegant Melodies of the world-famous Sinti-Guitarrist Django Reinhardt and his group the „Quintette of the Hot Club of France“, as well as of his legacy, the Sinti and Romany musicians.
Jazz, Swing, Bossa nova and other music styles influence the sound of the band, with tunes from Django Reinhardt as well as original compositions in the style by Bertino, the bandleader thus stamping the sound of the group.

Robin Nolan well-known around the world for his books and workshops on the subject of Gypsyjazz-Guitar and by his appearances on many of the big Jazz-Festivals around the world, usually with his „Robin Nolan Trio“, but also with worldwide known Stars of the international (Gypsy-)Jazz-Scene.

In 2014 together with his Trio, Robin Nolan started a concert-series and recorded the CD „Sin City“, influenced by the song of ACDC.
On this Disc of the Trio and his worldwide tour Robin Nolan mixed a colored Program with Songs from ACDC and originals - all in style of Django Reinhardt and the typical sound of Gypsyjazz.

All guest on 20st October may expect an exciting evening with Robin Nolan one of the the worlds best Gypsyjazz-Guitarrists of international name.

„Coeur me Bois“ together with Robin Nolan present an exciting evening with Songs from ACDC, original compositions by Robin Nolan and Bertino, as well as known Jazzstandards and tunes by Django Reinhardt.
Exciting Entertainment is guaranteed !!

Entrance: 19.30 p.m., Start 20 p.m.
Entrance fee: 18.-€ VVk, 16.-€ AK

More infos on this evening in our Tourdates

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