Gypsyjazz Guitar released in english

Cover GJGDue to the good sales of the second issue of the methodbook "Gypsyjazz Guitar" by Bertino Rodmann, the distributor Alfred Music Publishing decided to release the book in english as well.

The new english versionhas been presented on 25.04.2013 on the Musicfair in Frankfurtand is available since 01.05.2013. "Gypsyjazz Guitar" will now be sold in all english-speaking countries worldwide.

More translations of the book into other languages may follow within the next years.

A second Volume of the book is not planned yet, but will mainly depend on the sales of the released german and english versions of the book.

For now it is to see how things develop with the sales and how the international Django-Community will react on the book.
The german Pressevoices and responses of the german buyers were mainly positive so one may look positively into future. We are yet happy about the success that the book has been taken up to now. Something that nobody was expecting it to be this way before...

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