Lulo Reinhardt & Bertino Rodmann Quartett - Live

Lulo BertinoLulo Reinhardt, german grand-nephew of the famous belgium Sinti-Guitarrist Django Reinhardt, meanwhile has become a famous name on german as on international music-scene, festivals and concert-stages.
His inimitable way of playing guitar, with a blend mix of 
Jazz-Manouche, Swing, Flamenco, Gypsymusic and many other styles more have made him famous.

Bertino Rodmann known musician thru his  group "Coeur du Bois" a the release of his guitar-methodbook "Gypsyjazz Guitar" is a versatile guitarrist that made his way thru completely different ways coming to play Jazzmanouche, Swing and Jazz.

Since a couple of years now these two outstanding guitarrists have found a growing friendship that now results in the unique new formation of the "Lulo Reinhardt & Bertino Rodmann Quartett". Together with Harald Becher (Bs.) and Uli Krämer (Drums) they present an explosive LIVE-show with a bright mix out of Swing, Jazz and Latin with original compositions and own arrangements of known Jazz-classics by Django Reinhardt .

Lulo Reinhardt (Git.)
Bertino Rodmann (Git.)
Harald Becher (Bs.)
Uli Krämer (Drums)

On dec. 12th 2014 the "Lulo Reinhardt & Bertino Rodmann Quartett" - plays Live starting at 20.00 p.m. in the Walhalla Studios in Wiesbaden.

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