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important Introduction

This Privacy Policy informs you about the type, scope and purpose of the processing of personal data (hereinafter referred to as "Data") within our website and associated websites, functions and content as well as external online presences, such as our social media profiles. (Hereinafter jointly referred to as "Online Offer"). With regard to the used terminology, such as "processing" or "responsible", we refer to the definitions in the type. 4 of the Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO).

Legally responsible

Bertino Rodmann
D-61184 Karben, Germany
E-Mail: contact [at]
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Purpose of processing

- provision of this website, its features and content.
- Answering requests for contact and communication with users.
- Safety Measures.
- Range measurement/Marketing

Terminology used
"Personal Data" are all informations relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (hereinafter referred to as the "Affected Person"); considered to be identifiable is a natural person, directly or indirectly, in particular by means of assignment to an identifier such as a name, to an identification number, location data to an Online ID (e.g. cookie) or to one or more specific characteristics can be identified, the expression of the physical, physiological, genetic, Psychological, economic, cultural or social identity of this natural person.

"Processing", each with or without the help of automated procedures executed operation or any such set in connection with personal data. The term reaches far and covers virtually every dealing with data.

as "responsible", the natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other body which alone or jointly with others about the purposes and means of the processing of personal data decides.

Relevant statutory foundations

In accordance with the provisions of the kind. 13 DSGVO, we will inform you in our data processing with the legal bases. If the legal basis in the data protection declaration is not named, the following applies:
The legal basis for the obtaining of consent is kind. 6(1)(a) and type. 7 DSGVO, the legal basis for the processing and implementation services in order to fulfill our contractual measures, as well as answering queries is kind. 6 para. 1 lit. b DSGVO, the legal basis for the processing in order to fulfill our legal obligations is kind. 6(1)(c) DSGVO, and the legal basis for the processing to protect our legitimate interests is kind. 6, paragraph 1, sub-paragraph DSGVO. f. In the event that the vital interests of the data subject or a natural person a processing of personal data, is used. 6(1)(d DSGVO as the legal basis.

Security Measures

we ask yourself on a regular basis about the content of our privacy policy. We adapt the data protection declaration, as soon as the changes to the data processing carried out by us make this necessary. We will inform you as soon as the modifications a participation in turn act (e.g. consent) or any other individual notification is required.

Cooperation with order processors and third-party

If you reveal, transmit or otherwise grant you access to your data, to any other person or entity or third party processors (order) within the framework and while processing data, this may only be done so on the basis of your legal permit (for example, if a transmission of data to third parties, such as to payment service providers, according to type. 6 para. 1 lit. b DSGVO is required for the fulfilment of the contract), in this case of a legal obligation to provide or on the basis of our legitimate interests (e.g. on the use of agents, Webhoster, etc.)  you hereby have  given your consent.
If we provide third parties with the processing of data on the basis of a so-called "Job processing contract", this is done on the basis of the delegate type § 28 DSGVO.

Transfers to third countries

If we store or process data within the framework for of the use of services by third parties or disclosure, or the transfer of data to third parties into a third country (i.e., outside the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) this is done in order to fulfill our contractual obligations, on the basis of (pre-)your consent, based on a legal obligation or on the basis of our legitimate interests. Subject to legal or contractual licenses, process or we leave the data in a third country only in the presence of the special requirements of the kind. 44 ff. DSGVO. In other words, the processing is done, for example, on the basis of special guarantees, such as the determination of the EU officially recognized by the appropriate level of data protection (for example, for the United States due to the "privacy shield") or compliance with officially recognized special contractual obligations (so-called "standard contractual clauses").

Rights of persons affected by

You have the right to obtain confirmation as to whether if any data are to be processed and to request information about this data, as well as to additional information and a copy of the data according to type §15 DSGVO. Furthermore you have the right of completion of the data or the correction of inaccurate data according Type §16 DSGVO.

In accordance with the provisions of the kind DSGVO §17 users have the right to request any data to be deleted immediately, or, alternatively, to order a restriction on the processing of the data in accordance with the provisions of the kind §18 DSGVO. Users in accordance with the provisions of the kind §20 DSGVO have the right to request that the relevant data that they have provided to us and its transmission to other responsible.

You have also according to §77 DSGVO the right to file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority.

Right of revocation

You have the right to revoke consent according to type. DSGVO 7(3) with effect for the future.

You may cancel the future processing of the data in accordance with the provisions of the kind. 21 DSGVO at any time. The opposition may, in particular, to the processing for direct marketing purposes.

Cookies and right of objection for direct mail

"Cookies" are small files that are stored on computers of the users. A cookie's main purpose is to enable the information to a user (or the device is stored on the cookie) during or even after his visit to save within an online offer.
A temporary "cookie" or "session cookie" or "Cookies", which are called "transient cookies" are such that will be deleted after a user leaves an online content and its browser is closed. In such a cookie could be stored, for example the contents of a shopping basket in an online shop or a login sessions.
A "permanent" or "persistent" cookie is which remain stored even after closing the browser. For example, the login status may be saved when the user closes the browsers to have access again to these after several days. In such a cookie may also be stored the interests of users, the range measurement or marketing purposes.
Cookies are referred to as "third-party cookie", if they are from suppliers other than the person responsible for the actual online content, they may be offered (otherwise, if it is only the cookies are referred to as "First Party Cookies").

We may install temporary and permanent cookies and clear it in the context of our data protection declaration (Privacy Policy).

If users do not want cookies to be saved on their computers, you will be asked to change and to disable the relevant option in the system settings of your browser. Saved cookies can be deleted in the system settings of the browser. The exclusion of cookies can lead to functional limitations of this online offer.

A general protest or revocation against the use of cookies that may be used for the purposes of online marketing or for a variety of services, particularly in the case of tracking, is explained on the U.S. website or the EU website
Furthermore, the non-storage of cookies can be achieved by generally switching them off in the browser settings.
Please note that you eventually may not be able to use all functions of this website in this case!

Deletion of data

All data will be processed by us in accordance with european DSGVO §17 and 18 in their processing, deletion or restrictions. Unless expressly stated in this privacy policy, the stored data will be deleted as soon as they are no longer required for its intended purpose and the deletion of any statutory retention obligations. If the data is not deleted because it for other purposes permitted by law and are necessary, whose processing is restricted. In other words, the data are locked and cannot be used for other purposes. This applies, for example, for data that must be kept from commercial or tax reasons.

In accordance with statutory requirements in Germany, in particular the retention in accordance with section 147 para. 1 AO for 10 years, 257 paragraph 1 nos. 1 and 4, para. 4 of the GERMAN COMMERCIAL CODE (books, records, situation reports, receipts, books, documents, etc.) and relevant for taxation pursuant to section 257 subsection 1 no. 6 years 2 and 3, para. 4 of the GERMAN COMMERCIAL CODE (trade letters).

As per legal regulations in Austria is carried out in accordance with section 132 para. 7 the retention, especially for J 1 BAO (accounting records, receipts/invoices, accounts, records, business papers, statement of income and expenditure, etc.), for 22 years in connection with land and for 10 years for documents relating to electronically delivered services, telecommunications, radio and television services that are not provided to entrepreneurs in EU Member States and for which the Mini-One-stop shop (MOSS).


Our hosting service-providers are useing data for the provision of the following services: infrastructure and platform services, computing capacity, storage space, and database services, security services as well as technical maintenance services, which we use for the purposes of the operation of the online contents of our website.

To process all this we, or our hosting provider stores inventory data, contact data, content, meta data, contract data, usage data and communication data from customers, prospective customers and visitors of this website on the basis of our legitimate interests with respect to an efficient and secure provision of this web site in accordance with nature. 6 para. 1 lit. f DSGVO in conjunction with nature. 28 Conclusion DSGVO (order processing).

Collection of access data and log files

We, or our hosting provider, store data on the basis of our legitimate interests within the meaning of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. F. DSGVO, informations used for each access to the server on which this service (so-called server log files) is based. Access to the data includes the name of the retrieved web page, file, the date and time of the call, amount of data transferred, notification of successful retrieval, webbrowser incl. version, the operating system of the user, referrer URL (the page previously visited), IP address, and the requesting provider.

Log file information for security reasons (e.g. for the elucidation of abuse or fraud) are only beeing stored for a maximum period of 7 days and then are deleted. Data whose further retention for evidential purposes is required, will be stored up to final clarification of the deletion of the respective incident.

Agency services

We process the data of our customers in the context of our contractual services to which conceptual and strategic advice, campaign planning, software and design development/consulting or care, implementation of campaigns and processes/ handling, server administration, data analysis/ consulting or training services include.

This way we process inventory data (e.g., customer master data, such as names or addresses), contact information (e.g., E-mail, phone numbers), content data (e.g., text entries, photographs, videos), contract data (e.g., the subject of the contract, the running time), payment data (e.g., bank account, payment history), usage data and metadata (e.g. in the framework of the evaluation and measurement of the success of marketing measures).

We generally dont process special categories of personal data, except if these components are an appointed processing. To the affected include our clients, prospects, as well as their customers, users, website visitors or employees as well as third parties. The purpose of the processing consists in the provision of contractual services, billing, and our customer service. The legal bases of the processing result from nature. 6 para. 1 lit. b DSGVO (contractual services), type. 6 para. 1 lit. f DSGVO (analysis, statistics, optimization, security measures).

We only process data that are required for the justification and fulfilment of the contractual services, and underline the necessity of their specification. A disclosure to external occurs only if you are under a mandate or it is required by legal officials. With regard to the processing of the data provided to us in the context of a job we act according to the instructions provided by the customer as well as the statutory requirements of order processing according to type. 28 DSGVO and never process the data to any other than the job up-to-date purposes.

We will delete any data after the expiry of the statutory warranty and similar obligations. The necessity of the retention of the data is reviewed every three years; in the case of the legal archiving obligations will be deleted after the expiry (6 J, in accordance with section 257 para. 1 of the GERMAN COMMERCIAL CODE in accordance with section 147 para. 1, 10J, AO). In the case of data, the US vis-à-vis in the context of a contract by the contracting authority has been disclosed, we will delete the data according to the specifications of the order, generally after the end of the job.

Amazon partner program

We are based on our legitimate interests (i.e., interest in the economic operation of our online offer within the meaning of Art. 6, paragraph 1, sub-paragraph F. DSGVO.) Participants of the affiliate program from Amazon, which was designed to provide a medium for websites, by means of which the placement of advertisements and links to advertising reimbursement can be earned (the so-called affiliate system). Amazon uses cookies in order to be able to understand the origin of the orders. Among other things, Amazon recognize that they are the partner link on this web site, and then clicking a product purchased from Amazon.

for more information about data use by Amazon and contradiction options, please refer to the privacy policy of the company:

Registration function

Users can optionally create a user account. During the registration process, the necessary mandatory information is communicated to the users. In the context of the registration, data entered will be used for the purposes of the use of the offer. The user may be informed by E-Mai of the use of quotation or registration related information, such as changes to the range scale or for technical circumstances. If users have canceled their account, all of their data related to the user account will be deleted, substracted from those of necessary storage from commercial or tax reasons according to type. 6(1)(c) DSGVO. It is the responsibility of the users to share their data in the event of termination before the end of the contract. We are entitled to irretrievably delete saved data of the user, all during the duration of the contract.

In the context of the use of our registration and sign-in functions as well as the use of the user's account, we save the IP address and the time of the respective user action. The storage is carried out on the basis of our legitimate interests, as well as the user of protection against misuse and other unauthorized use. A transfer of this data to third parties, except it is generally not necessary to pursue our claims or there is there is a legal obligation according to type. 6(1)(c) DSGVO. The IP addresses are anonymized or deleted at the latest after 7 days.


When contacting us via the offered contact forms (e.g., E-mail, telephone or via social media), the information of the user is processed to fullfill the contact request and their settlement in accordance with nature. 6 para. 1 lit. b) DSGVO. The information provided by the user can be used in a customer relationship management system ("CRM System") or similar request organization saved.

We delete the requests as soon as they are no longer required. We check the necessity every two years; in addition, the statutory archiving obligations.

Comments and posts

If users can leave comments or other contributions, their IP addresses on the basis of our legitimate interests within the meaning of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. F. DSGVO for 7 days will be saved. This is done to our security, if someone leaves in comments and contributions such as unlawful content (insults, banned political propaganda, etc.). In this case, we can even be prosecuted for the comment or contribution and are therefore interested in the identity of the author.

Furthermore, we reserve the right, on the basis of our legitimate interests according to type. 6 para. 1 lit. F. DSGVO, the information provided by the user in order to process spam detection.

Comment Subscriptions

Users may subscribed to following comments by with their consent according to type. 6(1)(a DSGVO . The user will receive a confirmation email to verify that they are the owner of the entered e-mail address. Users may unsubscribe at any time from current comment subscriptions. The confirmation email will contain information about the revocation. For the purposes of proof of the consent of the user, we save the date and data of registration of the comment in addition to the IP address of the user and delete this information when users log off from the subscription.

You may cancel at any time from any subscriptions to revoke your consent, i.e.. we may keep the E-mail addresses for up to three years on the basis of our legitimate interests before we delete a previously given consent. The processing of these data is limited to the purpose of a possible defense of claims. An individual request for cancellation is possible at any time, provided that at the same time the former existence of a consent will be confirmed.

VG WORD / scalable central measurement methods

We use the "Scalable Centralized measurement procedure," (SZM) of the Infoline Infoline GmbH (GmbH, Brühl Str. 9, D-53119 Bonn. ) for the determination of statistical characteristic values for the determination of the probability of copying of texts. Anonymous measured values are collected. The number of measurement used for recognition of computer systems, alternatively, a session cookie or a signature that is automatically transferred from various information from your browser is created. IP addresses are only processed in anonymized form. The procedure was developed under the observance of data protection. The sole aim of the procedure is to determine the copy probability of individual texts. Individual users can be identified at any time. Your identity always remains protected. You will receive no advertising via the system.

Many of our pages are provided with JavaScript-calls, by the requests to the Exploitation Society WORD (VG Wort). We do this to ensure our authors to participate in the distributions of the VG Wort, the statutory remuneration for the use of copyright protected works in accordance with section 53 of the UrhG.

There are usage data and meta data of the users processed, where the IP addresses may be shortened and the measuring procedures pseudonyms. The shortened IP address will be stored for a maximum of 60 days. The usage data in conjunction with a pseudonymous mapping value ("Identifier") will be stored for a maximum of 6 months.

The users will also have an opt-out available to the acquisition to contradict to purposes stated above: For more information, refer to the data protection declaration of infoline

Google Universal Analytics

We use among other things, Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, LLC ("Google") on the basis of our legitimate interests (i.e., interest in the analysis, optimization and economic operation of our online offer within the meaning of Art. 6, paragraph 1, sub-paragraph DSGVO. F.). Google uses cookies. The information generated by the cookie information about use of the online offer by the user are generally sent to a Google server in the USA and stored there.

Google is under the privacy shield-certified and it provides a guarantee agreement, the European Data Protection Law (

Google will use this information on our order, compiling reports on the activities and the use of our online contents by the users, within this website and to provide us further with information on the use of this website and internet related services.

We use Google Analytics in the design as "Universal-Analytics". "Universal Analytics" is a process of Google Analytics, in which the user analysis on the basis of a pseudonymous user ID and that a pseudonymous profile of the user is created with information from the use of various devices (so-called "cross-device-tracking").

We use Google Analytics only with activated IP anonymization. This means that the IP address of the user by Google within member states of the European Union or in other Contracting States to the Agreement on the European Economic Area is reduced. Only in exceptional cases will the full IP address transferred to a Google server in the USA and shortened there.

Sent by the browser of the user's IP addresses are not associated with any other data held by Google. The user may refuse the use of cookies by a corresponding setting in your browser software; the user can also extend the coverage of the information generated by the cookie on your use of the online offer of personal data to Google as well as prevent the processing of these data by Google by downloading and installing the browser plugin available at the following link:

For more information on the use of data by Google, recruitment and contradictory ways to learn in the privacy policy of Google ( as well as in the settings for the display of advertisements by Google ( The users' personal data will be deleted or anonymized after 14 months.

Online presences in social media

We have online presences within social networks and platforms to communicate with the active customers, prospective customers and users and to be able to inform you about our services. When you call the respective networks and platforms are subject to the terms and conditions and the data processing guidelines of their respective operators.

Unless otherwise specified in our privacy statement, we will process the data of users if they communicate with us within the social networks and platforms, such as posts on our online presences or send us messages.

Integration of services and third-party content

We use content or service offerings from third-party within our website on the basis of our legitimate interests (i.e., interest in the analysis, optimization and economic operation of our online offer within the meaning of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. F. DSGVO) to their contents and services, such as video or integrated fonts (hereinafter referred to as uniformly referred to as "Content").

This is always assumes that the third-party use the IP address of the user, as they do have use the IP address to send the content to the user´s the browser. The IP address is required for the presentation of that content.
We strive to use only such content, their respective provider IP address only for the delivery of the content.

Third-party developers may also use so-called pixel tags (invisible graphics, also known as "web beacons") for statistical and marketing purposes. Through the "pixel tags" information, such as visitor traffic on the pages of this website are to be evaluated. The pseudonymous information may also be stored in cookies on the device of the user and, among other things, technical information about the browser and operating system used, referring websites, visit time as well as for more information about the use of our online offer, as well as with such information from other sources may be stored within.


We embed videos of the platform "YouTube" of the provider Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA.
Privacy Statement:,

Google Fonts

We embed the fonts of Fonts ("Google") of the provider Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA.
Privacy Statement:,

Google Maps

We integrate the maps of the service "Google Maps" of the provider Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA.
The processed data can, in particular, be IP Addresses and location data of any users, but they will not be charged without their consent (usually carried out in the framework of the settings for your mobile devices). The data may be processed in the UNITED STATES.
Privacy Statement:,

Use of Facebook Social Plugins

We use social plugins ("plugins") of the social network, which of the Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbor, Dublin 2, Ireland ("Facebook") on the basis of our legitimate interests (i.e., interest in the analysis, optimization and economic operation of our online offer within the meaning of Art. 6, paragraph 1, sub-paragraph DSGVO. f). These plug-ins may be interacting elements or content (e.g., videos, graphics or text posts) and are identifiable by a Facebook logo (white "f" on a blue tile, the terms "Like", "Like" or a "thumbs-up" sign) or with the addition "Facebook Social Plugin". The list and the appearance of the Facebook Social Plugins can be viewed here:

Facebook is under the privacy shield agreement certified and it provides a guarantee, the European Data Protection Law (

If a user calls a function of this website, which contains such a plugin, his device has a direct connection with the servers of Facebook. The contents of the plugin is connected directly to Facebook and the device of the user and forwarded by this in the online contents. This way profiles of the users from the processed data may be created. We therefore have no influence on the amount of data that Facebook with the help of this plugin and informs the users according to our state of knowledge.

By the integration of the Plugins Facebook receives the information that a user has accessed the corresponding page of the website. If the user is logged into Facebook, Facebook can assign the visit in his facebook account. When users interact with the plugins, for example by clicking "Like", or entering a comment, the corresponding information is sent from your device directly to Facebook and stored there. If a user is not a member of Facebook, it is still possible that Facebook detects its IP address and stores it. According to Facebook, in Germany only an anonymous IP address is stored.

The Purpose and scope of data collection and further processing and use of data by Facebook, as well as the rights and ways to protect the privacy of users, these Facebook's privacy policy:

If a user is a Facebook member and does not want Facebook to store or collect data concerning him and with its member data already stored, he must log out of Facebook and delete any cookies before visiting our website. Other settings and contradictions to the use of data for advertising purposes, are possible to adjust within the Facebook profile settings: or via the US-american page or the EU website The settings are platform-independent, i.e. they are used for all devices, such as desktop computers or mobile devices.


within our online offer, functions and content of the service offered by the Twitter Twitter, Inc., 1355 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA, can be integrated. To do this, you can, for example, content such as images, videos or texts and buttons, with which users you like declare concerning the content, the authors of the content or our posts can subscribe. If users are members of the platform Twitter, Twitter can the call of the above content and features the profiles of the users. Twitter is under the privacy shield-certified and it provides a guarantee agreement, the European Data Protection Law (
Privacy Statement:,


Persons under 18 years are not allowed provide personal data to us without the consent of parents or guardians. We do not request personal data from children, do not collect them and pass them on to any third parties.

Right of revocation / opposition and eliminate possibility

If you supply us with personal data, you may change and delete this (except your user synonym which can be assigned only once) at any time in the user profile again.
For a complete deletion of your account please contact the webmaster. Up to this time effected contributions in forums, comments, announcements and articles remain however under certain circumstances temporarily until the final deletion. For more information about this in the general JM-Terms & Conditions.

The collection of data to provide the site and the storage of the data in log files is absolutely necessary for the operation of the internet page. Therefore there is no objection on the part of the user or disposal option for us because this data is automatically created and collected by the use of our website from the server systems of our hosting-provider, and of which we have no influence to.

Links to Other Websites

Our website contains links to other websites. We have no influence on whether their operators adhere to the data protection regulations.


The contributions on our site are accessible for everyone. Contributions should be examined carefully before publication whether they contain information not intended for the public. Contributions may be listed in search engines and also without purposeful call of these Website world-wide accessible.

Questions and Comments

For questions on technical or content please contact our webmaster via eMail-adress " webmaster [at] " (please change the [at] to @ without spaces or brackets)


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